Lowongankerja Mining Business Group of Four Coal Mining


We are, from a mining business group of four coal mining firms and two gold mining firms which have been in operation with KK, PKP2B, and IUP, would like to recruit new professional workers with good track records in their fields, to join and progress with us at the positions and qualifications as follow :1. Accounting ManagerWorking Experience: Min 7 Years in Area of Accounting/External Auditor

Skills :
– Strong Financial Reporting Background
– Microsoft Office literate
– Strong Analytical Skills
– Coaching skills for basic accounting principals
– Familiar with Indonesian GAAP
– Indonesian tax regulation
– English literate
Education : Degree in Economics (Major in Accounting)
Other Qualification : Previous experience in coal mining company and oracle system experience is added value

2. Accounting / Finance /tax Staff Working Experience: Min 3 Years in Area of Finance / Staff


Familiar with Indonesian GAAP
Familiar skills for basic accounting principals
Have a good experience about all Accounting transaction.
Have knowledge PSAK
Familiar to operate Microsoft Office

Finance :
– Familiar with Petty Cash & Cash Advances
– Familiar with Accounts Payable module
– Familiar with Cash Flow Projection module
– Basic Knowledge of Accounting
– Basic Knowledge of tax regulation
– English literate
Education: Degree in Economics
Other Qualification: Previous experience in coal mining company and oracle system experience is added value

Senior Tax Officer (SPV)

Specifications we require:
(*) University Graduates (S1) majoring in accountancy and tax.
(*) Having experience in tax
(*) Understand tax regulations in Indonesia
(*) Able to communicate in English.

– Those having certificate of brevet A & B
– Having experience in dealing with tax audit by Tax Office.
– Having experience in applying ERP (Pronto, SAP, etc)
– Having experience of working with mining company.

3. Project General ManagerJob Location: Any proj. site, posted in JKT office


Working Experience : Over 7

seven)Years in Area of EPC Project Management

Skills :
– Project Manager, mainly at coal mining facilities construction.
– Construction project cost val uation.
– Construction project material ( BOa) eva luation and calculation.
Education : Civil Engineer or Mechanical Engineer or Experienced material engineer.
Other Qualification : Certified Project Manager is preferred.

1. Preparing concept study for individual site requirement of construction work.
2. Organizing and coordinating all EPC work over “coal mine” cluster.
3. Managing, Reviewing, and reporting of EPC work progress under approved SoP.
4. EPC project budgeting.
5. Collaborating across department to achieve project quantity, quality, and timing.
6. Communicate openly and maintain integrity.
7. Evaluating and optimizing Project work proposal in efficient manner.

4. Project Control & AdministratorREQUIREMENTS:
Working Experience : Over 5 (seven) years in Area of Epc project Management
Skills :
– Project Administrator, mainly at coal mining facilities construction.
– Construction project cost valuation.
– Construction project material ( BOQ) evaluation and calculation.
Education: Civil Engineer or Mechanical Engineer or Experienced civil work administrator.
Other Qualification : Quantity Surveyor qualification is valued.

– Administrate EPC project over Coal Mining division.
– controlling site projects and developments work over mining cluster.
– Comprehensive EPC project report to be precise and timely manner.


Working Experience : Minimum experience 7 years as Level Supervisor and 4 years in Managerial Level.
Skill :
– Having knowledge and experience in coal processing activities.
– Having knowledge and experience in coal blending for coal proccssing activities and shipping.
– Having knowledge and experience in coal quality control.
– Having knowledge and experience in laboratory process for coal sample analysis.
– Knowing how to negotiate with Superintending buyer.
Education : Mining engineer or Lab Analyst
Other Qualification: Prioritized those able to communicate in English.

– Organize and coordinate all works related to quality for coal processing, sampel taking and analysis of coal in laboratory.
– Make and secure planning of coal blending for coal processing and shipping.
– Actively communicate on quality issue with engineering, coal processing, shipping, superintending buyer and marketing.
– Review and implement the new Standard Operating Procedure for Stockpile Management, coal blending and the accuracy of coal quality for every shipping.
– Make sure other Superintending Companies approve the accuracy of the results of Indexim Quality analysis for every parameter- and if there is any difference—it should be within the limit allowed by ISO/ASTM standard.
-Manage and provide guidance to all subordinates in order to get better performance in preparing the weekly, monthly, yearly coal shipping, and in making reports.
– Coordinate with other departments to realize quality target and shipping.
– Always communicate openly and fairly.

If you are interested and have the qualifications, please send your CV to this Email address:

Pos ini dipublikasikan di DUNIA TEKNIK, LOWKER, Lowker Coal Mining. Tandai permalink.

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